mario eremita artist in the art in the time

This is a dinamic instrument for documentation. It is wide and direct and it introduces you to the work and the thought of the Artist Mario Eremita.

It is built to give to researchers, to scholars, to critics, to reviewers, to collectors and to the simple art lovers, not a summary but an universal collection, thoughtful and categorized, about the works of Eremita. A collection that is able to adapt to the wide Eremita's work.

I point out right now that, looking and deepening images and text you will understand that I am arguing about one of the fews contemporary masters who has continued the italian renaissance's tradition. Even if he is pursuing a research way absolutely personal, without any conditioning of artistic movements.

Eremita has created his own art. He has his own unique way. He has represented the world with art, through his dramatic fascinating and disquieting point of view; thanks to his wide complex ingenious sensitiveness and to his spontaneous and polymorphic talent.

The documentation contained here is horizontally organized according to some fundamentals themes. It will be uploaded vertically in incremental function, progressively during the time.